Adult caught

adult caught

Juvenile female Platypuses caught in the months of February (P adult females but there was no significant difference in length between the adults and 7 juvenile females caught in September. Of 5 juveniles which were captured and tagged in . Spottail shiners dominated the catch. Adults were common from midApril to mid- June, and in September. Young-of-the-year were common in September only. Adult rock bass were also caught in abundant numbers, occurring sporadically throughout the year. Adult yellow perch were comon only in early May but were not. I had chosen this path for my life; not realizing that I had put my teenage years away and put on the cloak of an adult. I could never go back. I had now found myself Caught Between Two Worlds, the worlds of an adult, caught in the body of a teenager. And I determined I would not look back, I would press forward in this life I. adult caught